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Media Player Plugin will let you add Windows Media Player to a blog post
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Media Player Plugin for Windows Live Writer will let you add Windows Media Player to a blog post.
Windows Live Writer is a useful program included in Windows Live Essentials, that allows to create and publish posts in any Blog system.

By using this plugin you will be able to include streaming media (audio or video) in your post, as this option will appear in your Windows Live Writer "Insert" menu. All you will have to do is to enter the URL from where the Media Player will retrieve the streaming content. When inserting it, you can adjust the width and height that the Media Player will have by default. When viewing your post, the users will be able to view the Media Player in full screen. You can also set the player to auto start when the post is open, to show a link that can be used to download the streaming content, and if you want to center the Media Player window in the post screen.

By default, it was always possible to include videos in a post made with Windows Live Writer, but without this plug-in it was impossible to add Windows Media Player streaming media.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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